Agile Development requires an Agile Testing strategy

While not every organization is a “Netflix” or “Facebook”, agile development offers very real benefits for most organizations and the key to unlocking that potential is removing the bottlenecks from the delivery pipeline. The most critical and complex bottleneck in the pipeline is testing – this key to ensure the delivery of quality of at speed of agile. But agile is often seen as a development lead initiate, leaving many testers questioning how they fit into the agile development process. For a team to be successful with agile both team dynamics and testing approaches need to evolve. In this presentation Mark Lambert will address the cultural changes required for testers to succeed in an agile development environment and detail a pragmatic test automation strategy that uses intelligent analytics to ensure that test can keep pace with development and that you can make continuous delivery a reality in your organization.

Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert is responsible for ensuring that Parasoft solutions deliver real value to the organizations adopting them. His team helps customers optimize...

45 Minuten Vortrag



02. Juli


Raum "Madrid"


Agile Testing




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